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04 August 2014

Paris - The Most Romantic City of the World

If you want to go around the world, the first destination which you must choose is Paris. Paris has it all; history, present and future. You will find that Paris is full of modern day architecture and has the historical buildings standing as well, which talk about the days when Paris was among the strongest cities in the world. You will love the food and you will not feel lack of sight viewing.

Romance and Paris – they go hand in hand. Paris is a beautiful city, and one visit is never enough. There is a personality, flair and quiet sophistication in Paris (and in France) unlike any other major city in the world. Our page here will only cover the highlights of all the romantic things to do in Paris.

  • AUG : 15, 21, 27
  • SEP : 08, 18, 25
  • OCT : 12, 21, 26

A word of advice before beginning your Paris vacation: bring along good, comfortable shoes. You will do lots of walking, but you probably won’t notice it at first as the sights and the atmosphere of the city will have you mesmerised!

The inner life of Paris is full of romance and fragrances. You will not find a more romantic place than Paris. The people from all around the world fly to Paris for their romantic memories.

Paris is the centre of fashion. You will find the world's top models flying to Paris to get an insight to the fashion of the world. The top most designers of every decade used to live in Paris. This means that when you are visiting Paris, you will see many new and unique fashion trends developing right in front of your own eyes.

French people love food. This becomes evident when you eat in Paris. The French food is among the most famous in the world. The French people are imaginative and they let this influence their cuisine as well. The French meal normally has three courses. The salads and the soups come first, the main dish follows and then you end up eating cheeses.

The 300m high Eiffel Tower is probably the most famous landmark in the world, and is the capital’s most visited attraction—ironic for a structure that was intended to stand for just a few months. The cast-iron tower was built for the 1889 World Fair and the centenary of the 1789 Revolution and was named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel. It took over two years to construct using some 18,000 pieces of metal and 2,500,000 rivets. It was the tallest structure in the world until New York’s Empire State Building was constructed in the 1930s. 20,000 flashbulbs light up the edifice at night making it even more stunning.

Under the Arc de Triomphe lies the grave of an unknown soldier. Napoleon ordered its construction in 1809 as a monument to the Republican armies. The arch is 50m high and 45m wide and bears the names of Napoleon’s victories, and is decorated with a frieze of battle scenes and sculptures, the most famous of which is 'Departure of the Volunteers', depicting the departure of volunteer forces after the French Revolution. The arc is the starting point of the annual Bastille Day military procession.

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